Senin, 07 Mei 2012

Jogja Wish List

just remind for me
next saturday-sunday-monday, Insya Allah I will go to jogja, 1st for visit my cousin, 2nd for buy some brush and make up, 3rd for meet my ibb jogja friends, miss them so much.
so, this my wish list

1. eyeshadow stick tammia as eye base gold, white. 20k  (done)
2. tammia foundation brush 50k
3. stripping brush 30k (habis :(( )
4. masami shouko bledding brush 25k
5. spons brush from tammia 27,5
everything cost me 152,5k
at least i must to bring money 300k. OMG no shopping and jajan for this week again :( :)

i have to consider how I am going to jogja. i have 2 choice, train and motorcycle. Maybe i'll choose motorcycle because more easy. but, if i'm not to healthy i will go to jogja by train. 

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