Kamis, 19 April 2012


remeber about my post in here ?
about my father who had heart attack. i wrote it on march 2011, and till now it still there :((
i don't know it's about sugest or real, but since january 2012 i count my father had repeatedly visit the doctor.
he depressed, always remember about death.
i'm tired.
i think, with his physical appearance he likes a normal people, still has 189cm, 90kgs. but he't to exaggerating.
come on dad, life must go on. your children and mom need you so.

i think we must try hypnotherapy, Anyone know about it?? I really appreciate. :)

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  1. hypnotherapy kayaknya aku pernah liat kantornya di sekitar sumber say.....

    1. makasi dear ^^ btw kamu aku tag di 11 thinga random about me :)


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